Functional Assessment of Problem Behavior

In the area of challenging behavior, Bloom provides an initial and ongoing evaluation for the best course of behavioral intervention through the use of observation in the clinic and natural environments, interviews with parents and other caregivers, and the individual when appropriate. 

Basic Skill Assessment

Our goal in the area of skill assessment is to inform the development of a basic learning curriculum geared specifically for your child. Assessment strategies will be utilized to identify strengths as well as areas to target for improvement, encompassing over 500 basic skills in the areas of language, social interaction, activities of daily living, and cognition.

Behavior Plan Development

Function based treatment intervention is a trademark of Bloom Behavior Therapy. Your child's plan of intervention will be directly tied to the assessment process and will incorporate environmental variables identified in the natural setting. A behavior plan will be developed to both reduce challenging behavior and teach more appropriate alternatives in order to make every day routines and interactions easier and more enjoyable for you and your child.

Basic Skill Programming

A curriculum will be developed based on the systematic assessment described above to address the basic skills necessary to succeed through the early developmental stages of childhood. Children with autism and other developmental disabilities often have difficulty acquiring these skills and behavioral instructional strategies have been shown to be successful. Incorporating ABA principles, the format of the program is direct and repetitious allowing for fluent acquisition and skill maintenance. Discrete trials are presented in the context of one-on-one therapy with immediate feedback and minimal distractions


Bloom Behavior Therapy provides training on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the implementation of behavior plans for individual clients,  and data collection to parents and other caregivers, school districts, and other human service organizations.

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