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Programs and Services

Our treatment is TEAM oriented and we know that person centered care includes developing and building a solid support system. This stems from our core belief that to achieve successful treatment outcomes, a person must be able to thrive in many aspects of life, not just within our clinic walls. This requires a whole team of people important to a person’s life to be involved. At Bloom we are able to provide two levels of treatment:

  • Focused ABA treatment which is intervention for a limited number of behavioral targets (e.g. language development only or social interaction skills/social anxiety only) with intensity levels in the range of 15-25 hours per week.

  • Comprehensive ABA Treatment which is intervention across a wide range of developmental domains such as cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and adaptive, sometimes combined with challenging behavior, with intensity levels in the range of 30-40 hours per week.


Within our levels of service, each client’s needs are assessed for appropriate fit within these models of treatment. Clients will begin with foundational skills and will have data driven goals that will be measured frequently and updated as they are mastered to move within our services covering growth expansion, advancing independence, and self-supporting skills. Client programming is individualized and created specifically to meet direct needs and provide a full experience for every person we have the privilege of working with.


In addition to progressing through these program areas, we continuously monitor and intervene for individual challenging behaviors and deficits. Some examples of this are:

  • Types of challenging behaviors.

  • Restrictive and repetitive behaviors (Rigidity).

  • Desensitization (improving tolerance to aversive situations such as haircuts or doctor appointments).

  • Safety in community environments.

Client autonomy is extremely important to us and is a big piece of our mission statement. While we work with our clients to break through difficult barriers and live as independently as possible, we do not believe this means that our clients must fit in a particular box to achieve that. For example, stimming and scripting can be very useful tools for individuals on the spectrum and while we work with clients to attend to tasks, we certainly encourage and celebrate healthy self soothing and allow time for breaks to make sure our clients feel safe and supported at all times!


At Bloom, we prioritize working not only with clients but the whole family. We have the pleasure of working one on one with our clients for a limited amount of time each week and know that success comes when parents and caregivers receive training they can incorporate into daily living. We work to reinforce the skills acquired with our staff and the progress made in clinic to translate to success at home. Parent and family caregiver training is involved in every type and level of service.


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